Star sign personalised constellations notice board

  • £20.00

Any two star sign constellation notice board.

The star signs are machine embroidered onto luxurious cotton fabric which is placed over the board and stapled neatly on the back.

10 pins are included so notices or memos can be attached to the board.

The pin board measures 40cm by 30cm (16 inch by 12 inch)

The star map notice board is available in black, stone or navy blue.

Perfect for using as a notice board or as wall art. Fastenings are including so it can easily be hung on a wall.

March 21st – April 19th Aries
April 20th – May 20th Taurus
May 21st – June 20th Gemini
June 21st – July 22nd Cancer
July 23rd – August 22nd Leo
August 23rd – September 22nd Virgo
September 23rd – October 22nd Libra
October 23rd – November 21st Scorpio
November 22nd – December 21st Sagittarius
December 22nd - January 19th Capricorn
January 20th – February 18th Aquarius
February 19th- March 20th Pisces