2 star constellations pillowcase

  • £15.00

A pillowcase machine embroidered with any 2 zodiac signs of your choice. Available in white cotton (200 thread count) or black polyester cotton.

The pillowcase measures 19 inch by 29 inch, a standard UK, Australia & USA size pillowcase.

March 21st – April 19th Aries
April 20th – May 20th Taurus
May 21st – June 20th Gemini
June 21st – July 22nd Cancer
July 23rd – August 22nd Leo
August 23rd – September 22nd Virgo
September 23rd – October 22nd Libra
October 23rd – November 21st Scorpio
November 22nd – December 21st Sagittarius
December 22nd - January 19th Capricorn
January 20th – February 18th Aquarius
February 19th- March 20th Pisces